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International dating and relationship expert, keynote speaker, tech, media founder.
@Relationship A.I. & @Love TV


Karinna Karsten is well-established as an authority in the dating industry
and helps people optimize their relationship lives. Karinna brings more than
a decade of experience, data and research to the eternal topics of love,
wellness and intimacy by creating real-world solutions for the dating
and relationship industries.

Starting her career as an international model and Elite Look of the Year Finalist
she travelled the world and discovered her passion for human connection and
relationship intelligence. As a relationship advisor she has worked with leading
global executives and A-list celebrities and appeared in major publications like
Cosmopolitan, SELF, Women’s Health and networks like NBC or OK! as a
celebrity relationship expert.


Relationship A.I. is an in-app subscription platform supporting today’s active daters to date smarter by tracking your dating life in realtime. Ultimate benefit: form the successful relationship outcomes you want.

Relationship A.I. helps you navigate the dating jungle of matches and multiple apps. Manage, evaluate, and coordinate your dating life with RAI and go on more actual dates. 

RAI mobile


LOVE TV is a digital media and membership platform that inspires your personal relationship journey. Providing a roster of empowering content including personal dating and couple stories, today’s relationship dilemmas viewed with new perspectives, fresh ideas for romantic dates and nourishing your personal wellbeing as well as access to LOVETV’s premium membership allows our users to reimagine and form a vibrant personal life. We have many Gen Z and Millennial users.

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